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Pages: 224 (with photos and maps)

Year: 2012

Binding: Hard

Size: 20"x26"/8

ISBN: 978-969-9646-01-0

Publisher: Moving Fingers

What More Can A Soldier Desire?

A Story About Pakistan's Highest Decorated Officer
Maj. Shabir Sharif Shaheed

by: Col. (Retd.) Azam Qadri





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Part 1: Shabir as I knew him

Chapter 1     My motivation to write about Shabir 

Chapter 2     How I met Shabir

Chapter 3     Life in Kohat in the 60s

Chapter 4     Gathering of storm (War clouds building up)

Chapter 5     Winter of 1966 and Sialkot

Chapter 6     I join PMA 

Chapter 7     Shabir joins PMA as an Instructor

Chapter 8     My final days at PMA, Passing out and tête-à-tête with Shabir till Dec

Chapter 9     New Year Eve of 1971 and blockade of Islamabad International Airport

Chapter 10   The news of his Shahadat and his Last Eid Card  


Part 2: Shabir in Indo-Pak War of 1965

Chapter 11   6 FF departs from Kohat for Bhai Pheru on mobilization

Chapter 12   Patrol action and subsequent actions of Shabir in Chambb/ Jaurian/ Akhnur Sect.

Chapter 13   6 FF pull out from Chambb Sector and induction into Sialkot Sector

Chapter 14   Synopses of his colleagues


Part 3: Shabir Heroics during the Indo-Pak War of 1971

Chapter 15   Maj Shabir joins 6FF  

Chapter 16   Gist of Maj Shabir’s operations in Sulaimanke Sector 

Chapter 17   Citation of Nishan-e-Haider

Chapter 18   Synopses of his colleagues


Part 4: Early Life and Days in PMA

Chapter 19   Early life of Maj Shabir Sharif Shaheed, NH, SJ

Chapter 20   How did 29th PMA find Maj Shabir? 

Chapter 21   How did his Cadets find Maj Shabir?

Chapter 22   Maj Shabir’s Childhood friends

Chapter 23   Maj Shabir’s quotes from his personal collection

Chapter 24   Maj Shabir’s Qualities as a leader 

Chapter 25   History of 6 FF



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